Thursday, February 07 2013
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The language in the sale of this product is coming across as misleading.

On the main page under prices, it says "Buy the product", "6 month support", and "1 year support" and lists their prices underneath. This implies you can just flat out buy it or pay more for extra support help.

But then when I go to click on order now, the page says "Selected Plan" -- Buy Social Backlinks product... $19.00 for 6 months. And the button underneath that says Subscribe now.

The first page makes it appear as though it's a one-time purchase and you get the product, and the second page indicates a subscription plan, which would imply the product/service wouldn't work after the time limit expires.

The inconsistency already makes this seem suspicious and has me considering another product. Can anyone elaborate on this?

Is it a one-time purchase where the product works "as is" and it's only the support and development updates that expire after 6 months?
Or is this a subscription service that requires continued renewal for the product to function?
9 years ago
Thanks for your question. Our extension is a one-time purchase, it will work well after support packet.
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