Thursday, June 28 2012
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1— Can you choose article by Section

2— Can you choose article by Categories

3— Can you choose more than one Categories (or/and Sections)

4— Can you choose individual (S) articles at any time in any Section/Categ.

5— When starting a new Section/Category do you have to send ALL the older articles or can you choose only the new articles (not created Yet)

6— Article can be resend if updated?

8— What about VirtueMart

9— The process can be completely automatic

10- The process can be automatic and/or manual

11 - Images are send to Socials channels with backlink

Thanks in advance...
10 years ago

Thanks for your complete question :)

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes but it could be only be synchronized if article is updated (you just have to save it)
5. In fact you can only sync the new articles, like I said for old ones you have to define sync when updated and save it again
6. Yes
7. Missing
8. The last version is now plugable and integrated with K2, Virtuemart is on our to do list, I hope in the next 2 weeks
9/10. Yes it was built to be, you can choose the sync delay, report,...
11. Yes on facebook

Hope it helps!

10 years ago
Thanks for your complete Answer :)


Seems really Good...
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