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  Saturday, April 14 2018
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From what I see in the documentation, after having explored other table & charts plugins, I feel like Table Manager is one of the best table managers in the world possessing one of the worst charts features in the world.
The customization available for charts is contained into a single phrase.

Please have a look at the attached file with common chart customization available for chart.js
I would like to know your opinion about development in this direction.
I think you have a tremendous potential in hands. Today Table manager with a decent chart customization would be the reference in the world.

Otherwise, I saw that you don’t offer test version or website live demo neither a roadmap, while your refund policy doesn’t accept dissatisfaction as reason. As potential customer I don’t feel trust but gamble.

With all the best regards
5 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here.
As I read your attachment, please give us more friendly layout.
I honestly cannot understand what you exactly mean there. It's like a maze.

Thanks a lot!
5 years ago
Hello, I am sorry for my not-so-clear writing.
There are in fact two unrelated suggestions.

The first, I ask if you do have plans, in the future, to add more style customization possibilities for charts.
Because, like I mentioned, they are really limited now, despite chart.js on which WP-table-manager is based on offering lot of possibilities.
That list in the document is just an example of possibilities. It is extracted from another, overall not-so-performant like yours, plugin based on chart.js. Just for comparison with the scarce possibilities in table-manager plugin.
In other words I felt like there is a big contrast between table possibilities (brilliant) and chart possibilities (underdeveloped).

The second, it was a comment about us potential buyers not having access to a live demo or test version (for some of the plugins) while the policy suggest that dissatisfaction alone will not be a valid reason for refund. Some worries. (meanwhile you confirmed that you are more flexible)

Have a nice day,
5 years ago

Thanks for getting back to me with more information.
1. Please give more clearly about what you desire about the new features, so we can consider it for future release.
2. Yes, indeed, we don't have any trial/limited version as our plugin are open source.
But, if you encounter any trouble of compatibility, the developer in charge can fix that for you or we can refund you.

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