Thursday, April 04 2019
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Hi I'm using the wp meta seo plugin for a while. I'm not sure if this is the right place for posting a problem. But I did'nt find a support or report area.

Currently I see performance issues with my server. I analysed that and found this plugin. The plugin is requesting my database with a query like this:

FROM wordpress_xxxx.wp_wpms_links
WHERE (link_url = '/xxxx'
AND link_url != "/";)
OR type = "add_rule"
OR type = "add_custom"

With 700.000 entries this query in a simple database client takes round about 2,5 seconds and the result contains 0 rows.
So, what I see in table definition is: There is no index, not on link_url and not on type.

The link_url column is of type text. The maximal link length can be 2,083 characters, so it would be possible to redefine this column and set an index.

Would you try to fix this? Can I change this myself without having to expect any problems?

Best Regards
more than a month ago
Hi Westor,

Thanks for this feedback, we'll have a look on these index and of course add it to improve the query performance.

You can add indexes without any problem, it will just use more space in database for the index creation.
A single index with both link_url and type columns should increase drastically the response time.

Best regards
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