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  3. Tuesday, July 09 2019
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When uploading files in WordPress, if you select the "Upload" button or drag and and drop files instead of using the Media Library button, there's no way to designate which WP Media Folder to upload the files to. It requires going in to the Media Library and moving those files into the desired folder as a separate step. That disrupts the user's workflow and they're likely to forget to organize the files. It would be nice to have an option in the WP Media Folders settings to disable that button. Even better if the help text on the screen the upload button appears on could be customized in the WP Media Folders settings to override the WordPress default text. That way, we could remove the reference to dragging and dropping and uploading and force users to upload via the Media Library button.

As a rough workaround for now, you can add the following CSS to the style-editors.css file in the active theme on the WordPress site:

.components-form-file-upload {display:none !important;}

If there's some other alternative where we could force the user to select the folder they're going to upload to as part of this process, that'd be preferred. But we haven't found a reasonable way to do it other than the above.

Thanks for considering this enhancement request.
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This was actually meant to be an enhancement request. I didn't see a way to change the forum category it was created in. Please recategorize if possible.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here.
That's the button of WP Media Manager by default. We'll check how popular it is and its priority for a future version.
As you know, some other interesting features are waiting for us. Anyway, we noted that in our planning list section.

And I moved this ticket to the right category, by the way.

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