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  3. Friday, September 27 2019
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thats a shame - - ok .. im using a camera on auto capture to populate the gallery for my wedding (it syncs to the server viw ftp - - and then to the gallery) .. and it would be nice if guests (who arent logged into the admin area of the website - - and are just visiting the site) could click on any pictures of themselves they find in the gallery and share them .. currently, social sharing can only be added to normal (non synced) galleries .. which is a shame ... i would like the images to share to facebook/instagram etc ... but just that specific image .. NOT the whole gallery/page/post (there are plugins for that) and ideally have a pre-populated hashtag field ... i.e. #STEVEANDBETHSWEDDING ... etc etc
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Are you talking about adding sharing images using the WordPress galleries or the social sharing from the Gallery addon?

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hypothetically, as a guest, not signed into admin etc, browsing the gallery page:

i would like to be able to browse the gallery (which is auto populated by the folder sync) .. and then, if i like an image and want to share it to my personal facebook/instagram etc .. because im logged into my personal facebook/instagram etc (on my phone for example) there would be a facebook/instagram etc. sharing button on that image (or near it) .. which would share that image (not the whole gallery) to my facebook page.- it would be great .. if there was an option to pre set a hashtag in the admin area that would be shared with the image as well .. but not vital. - does that make sense ?
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Thanks OK got it, that's noted!
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