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  3. Monday, January 14 2019
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I have over 100 Usersr with Content Creator rights on ouer webside. I also have activatet the function that every User get it´s own Folder. We also have a lot of Archived Media wich is often reused by differen users. Like Map Data, Standart Images, Logos, Landscape Photos etc.
It would be a realy great Feature for us when we can create additional Folders wich can be accesed when you have a spezific User Rolle.
At the End every User should have his own Home Folder an acess to one or more Shared Foldes Based on his Role.

It would be a great but not nessersery addition if it is possible to set also the write Premission for thees Archive Folders to another Rolle so that one Rolle can use it and an only a more Powerfull Roll can upload and change Media.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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