Monday, October 19 2015
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Please can you add support for having the same image in multiple folders.

As the media folders are representations of the taxonomy wpmf-category, then it should be easy to assign more than one taxonomy term to the each image, e.g. 'folder1, folder2, folder3' etc. This is already allowed by Wordpress, so it would be great to have it in your plugin.


Thank you for an amazing plugin :)

This would be a great addition on our plugin.
Will take a look at that.

6 years ago
I am a customer. Agree this would be a great feature.

Possible alternative suggestion. Not sure if this is easier or more difficult.

Create Galleries based on #HashTags in image description.

Any idea when either of these implement ions might be available? I could be using this feature today.

6 years ago
#Hashtags could all be added when adding image which would be quicker than adding to multiple folders and easier to keep track of which gallery a single image belongs to.

The same #Hashtags would also be useful for social media.muse.
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