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  2. Feature ideas for WP Media Folder
  3. Thursday, June 16 2016
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We used WP Media Folder super regularly. A paid customer. One of the perfect folder solution out there. Awesome, however, there is two nuisance about about it.

I guess I classified this as drag & drop issue.

1) Folders get missing if you accidentally drag it into some other folders and you forgot where is it. I so hard to locate where the images are store into. Yes, you can search for the images but still not indication of what folder it stays on. It would be great if there is some indication maybe in the Image Edit which tells me where the folder to locate.

2) Selecting Image. Many times, instead of selecting that image, it starts the drag and drop feature for the image instead of selecting it with a tick. It so hard to find the appropriate position so that it does what I want instead of drag and drop. This is the most super nuisance thing about this plugin. If somehow, you can do some enhancement about it. That would be awesome.

Put me to be you beta testing if you needed.

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Thanks for adding your feature requests here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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