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I have seen in the changelog that the new version of WP Media Folder adds a bunch of additional functions, most of them in the frontend (Gallery function). The new gallery functions can have an unwanted impact on my website.

In my opinion WP Media Folder must be only a backend plugin. Why have you add these features? In the next version, can you add a option to disable the frontend gallery function?

For now I can disable this feature with hard-codeing in wp-media-folder.php:

//require_once( WP_MEDIA_FOLDER_PLUGIN_DIR . '/class/wpmf-display-gallery.php' );
//new Wpmf_Display_Gallery;

Moreover, can you localize WP Media Folder so that it can be easily translated into whatever language is needed?



PS : Petit bonjour de France ;)

Yes this a new feature we gonna announce in the upcoming week.
Have you mede modification in the WP core gallery code?

Anyway we gonna add an option to disable it properly :) The localized WP files are coming soon too.

6 years ago
yes, I am also worried about this new additional front-end functionality with the galleries, sliders, etc. because I have just acquired a separate gallery plugin (Foo Gallery and Foo Box (lightbox)), and concerned that it might conflict with those since it would be duplicating functions.... it also gets away from the core function of WP Media Folder (to greatly improve upon the unorganized native WP file manager)

IMO, it would be best to do whatever possible to make that core function of WP Media Folder work perfectly in all scenarios, and perhaps leave it at that?... I've used the plugin for 3 weeks now and am generally very happy, but there are still the odd instances when the custom folders are not getting picked up, but it seems to go away

it is appreciated that you are trying to improve upon the plugin, but yes, it would be very important to be able to easily disable the new "special" add-ons, and I suggest to have them disabled by default so that people don't suddenly run into problems when they update their WP Folderplugins

of course, I have not seen the new version, and would not be surprised if your new add-ons are great

thank you!
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