Wednesday, May 12 2021
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in this page we created a download and upload tab.
we created a few customer users with a custom wordpress role.

We are able to restrict visibility on the files admin is loading for every single custom user , so this is ok.

We have a BIG problem on the UPLOAD part....: we set that the upload has to put files into a category so once logged in, every user can upload his file to admin...

the problem we have now is that if user A upload a file, all other user can see that uploaded file... and this is a big problem because we dont' want this...: every uploaded file has to go only to admin visibility....

we try to set category visibility restriction to admin, BUT, in this case, the plugin disable the upload button when the logged user is not the admin....

so we need help, you can enter here to check our configuration ... and I put here the a cuople of customer users


thank you very much
Be careful, this is a public forum where anyone can see your posts.
I have edited it as soon as I have seen it but you MUST change the credentials posted.

We have a dedicated support section here where only you and our support team have access to.
Please post your request in this dedicated section so we can help you to sort it out.

Best regards
8 months ago
ok thanks I open a ticket
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