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  3. Sunday, June 28 2020
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Hi, I use Nextgen Gallery and I want to go to some galleries in WP Media Folder. The import from Nextgen Gallery is very nice, but I have one comment on it and that is that it does not preserve the folders that were created in Nextgen Gallery, both physical to FTP and virtual.
And as for the physical folders, it's an even bigger problem than it seems, because when I wanted to import a larger number of galleries from NG, which each contains an average of about 50 images, he imports it all into one folder on FTP + creates alternative files (according to the template), so then the import addon is unusable. Specifically, I have about 400 galleries in NG with 150 images on average, which is 6,000 files, which if multiplied by the number of alternative files, we get into a completely crazy amount in one folder. This would be good to solve, because otherwise the import is not very useful.
Likewise, it would be great if the Nextgen Gallery folder was created in the Media Library during the import and the files were imported into it and not directly into the Rooto Media library.
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A minor fix :D ... virtually the WP Media Folder will do it, it will create the gallery with the files there, but physically it really only spills into one folder on the server ... which is really a mess.
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

Yes, folders in our plugin are virtual one. You can sync NG galleries as folders in our plugin.
Then you can create new galleries from WordPress media manager.

I'm not sure which is your issue. If you encounter any issues, please drop us a ticket support (Menu Support > Ticket support),
our dev will check that and let you know asap.

Thanks a lot!
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