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  3. Wednesday, June 12 2019
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Extract PDF file Title metadata property and use it along with the other renaming options to format the WordPress media library post Title field. Currently, we can only work with the file name value. We'd like to have this so when we upload PDFs to WordPress that have a proper title added to them using a PDF editor, that title will be used in the WordPress title field instead of the filename to start with. Then apply any other "Remove Character" settings before setting the final WordPress title value.

Bonus points if the final title (post character removal) could be written back to the PDF and any future changes to the WordPress title field would also be written back to the PDF title property.

This feature is important because Google presents the title of a PDF in their search results. By showing a user what is in that field after upload and giving them the ability to update it and have it autosave back to the PDF will improve the search experience on Google for those PDFs. Otherwise, the user may update the title so it isn't just a filename, but a bad or missing title field in the PDF will still be there.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here.
The title is created when uploading files to WP Media by WP upload function.
It need to be studied more to release in the future. Anyway, we noted on our planning list.

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Looks like this plugin gathers the metadata and sets the title as part of the upload process: Media Library Assistant

But it also has a bunch of other features that might be overkill. I also think they're lacking the feature to write back to the PDF when the media post title is updated.
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