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  2. Feature ideas for WP Media Folder
  3. Tuesday, July 14 2015
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hi, since the latest version there is a feature that the devs call sorting.
but this is only a filter for displaying files.

what would have been really great is to manually change the order of the files in the media library query (which is date by wordpress default). reason: some themes build galleries and portfolios with images that are attached to a post. out of the box you are not able to sort those images.

i know that its possible because this plugin does the trick allready (https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order), but it does not work together with wp media folders very well.

it would be nice to have a drag & drop media sort feature in wp media folders, where you can change the default order of images and files (with no sort filter activated).

best regards
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you released 2.4.1 but still this issue does exist. image replacement might be a nice idea but a real drag and drop manual order would beat every feature that there is!
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