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  3. Friday, April 19 2019
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The duplicate and override file option doesn't appear on the Edit Media screen.

I can find it by going to:

Media Library Grid view (/wp-admin/upload.php?mode=grid)
Clicking on an image (Attachment Details page)
The "send new file and replace" and "Duplicate" options are on the top right

I can't find it when I go to:

Media List view (/wp-admin/upload.php?mode=list)
Click on an image (Edit Media page)
The "send new file and replace" and "Duplicate" options are not shown

It would be great to have these links on the Edit Media page as well? I'm sure we're going to have users that won't know they have to switch to the Grid view before they can replace/duplicate files.

Thanks for considering the above.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here.

Do you mean those "send new file and replace" and "Duplicate" options will be displayed when hover on the image in Media Manager > List View?
You can see those when right clicking on the image in the Grid View.
Anyway, we’ll consider your requirement for a future release!

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I submitted a different enhancement request to deal with accessing these options directly from the grid view. This is a different request asking for the same options on the Edit Media page (/wp-admin/post.php?post=XYZ&action=edit as can be found on the Attachment Details page (/wp-admin/upload.php?item=XYZ. Currently, the "send new file and replace" and "Duplicate" options only appear on the Attachment Details page. This means if users routinely use the list view to manage media, they have to know to switch over to the grid view before using these commands.
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As a paying customer i also would like to have this feature. The option has to be in the list-view too.

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