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  3. Wednesday, March 07 2018
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I like to use categories transversally, so sometimes posts share categories which are way too broad to use for filtering. As such I like to filter the loop using category__and, so lets say I filter by category HOUSE and WOOD it will show all wooden houses. Your plugin uses category__in , which shows all of the HOUSE and all of the WOOD categories, meaning i can get concrete houses paired with wooden armchairs in the same query.

Could you include an AND/OR option when selecting the categories/posts/pages in the wplp plugin admin?
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Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Thanks for contacting us.
This is a great idea, we'll investigate how we can implement that in a future version.

Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
OK that is something we can do for posts (categories of posts).
We'll try to implement to implement it in the version currently in development.

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