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  3. Wednesday, October 12 2016
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I created some posts (which are exhibitions in our case) and used the "sort by date" sorting. Now i think it sorts according to the creation date which doesn't make sense in our case.

Is there a way to manually sort the posts?

I thought about this kind of wordpress-sliding mechanism where one could slide the posts to match the order. As i think this is hard to implement i have the suggestion to add add a "sort according to custom field" option and then it is sorted after a numerical order. I.e. i have "1" in my first post, "2" in my second post and so on.

Assumptions to make this work:

- all numerical values are unique for the custom field. If there are identical numbers, sort according to the title (but this should not happen).

-if the custom field "wplp_sorting_order" doesn't exist, don't show the option at all

I would be ready to give a donation if you could make this happen. Additionally i think this is a great opportunity for your plugin to add manual sorting of the posts.


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Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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This is still very important for me, do you have any estimate if and when this will be implemented?
I am willing to pay for it if needed.

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