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  Thursday, August 04 2022
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I know is a quite specific situation but i met a problem with wp download.

I made a WP Multisite, made by a main site and 20 sub sites. Sometimes From the main site Admin create posts and pages and duplicates in all blogs if there is a common interest argument.

I installed wp download in all sites. Sadly when i duplicate the post fro main to sub sites, the module is copied but the pdf included no. Because the module work on a relative path without any chance to select an absolute path or origin neither in the server or externale
In this way its necessary to manually create the same category in every install and put the same pdf in all subsites setting manually category option.

I tried to solve the problem adding an external source ( google drive ) but EVERY sub site install of wp download create automatically a different folder in google drive and there is no way to point to a specific folder.
If i could set a module to point a google drive category Pointing EXACTLY which folder in my google drive i want to use, my problem would be solved because every duplicatd module in the post would point to the same file. It would simply need to link all installed plug in to the same drive ( and same folder ) and then every plug in would sync automatically. Putting a file in the folder would set it at disposal in all sites.

THe same problem would be if i had several different websites where i want to share the same content.

I think that thinking a solution for multiple installations would be great, and i think that upgrading external sources giving a chance to specific the NAME of the folder to create in drives, letting many plug ins to share the same folder, would be a great help

Thank you
1 year ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here.

This feature is not implemented yet, but I'll add it to our feature request list and keep that in mind for a future release.

Thanks a lot!
Best Regards,
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