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  3. Tuesday, February 05 2019
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I bought the plugin + all the Wordpress add-ons from WP File Download.
I have been configuring, thanks to one of your partners, Williams ;) , the plugin options.
The truth is that it has not been easy but with his help we have been able to "almost" achieve it.

Let me tell you:
I bought this plugin because I thought it was very careful and evolved with respect to others in the competition.

But I find some "deficiencies" or functions.
- That users can access with a "shortcode" option to log in.
- That users can delete files.
- That the files are previsualized, it is much faster to locate a file, document if you can see a preview instead of an icon. Even if it's just JPG files.
- That the files could have an "expiration" date would be great. And be automatically removed from the server after that date. That way you save a lot of manual cleaning time.

In my case I use this plugin to share files with my clients and suppliers (Google Drive) and I would like to develop functionalities to improve usability.

But I also have to say that it is usually a good plugin and I think it may be the best in its category.

I hope you can take these observations into account for future updates, they would be very useful.
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  1. http://www.disfaut.com/2019/gestor-de-archivos/
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Thanks for your valuable feedback!
I understand most of your request but I would like to have some information on some, especially what do you mean by:

"That users can access with a "shortcode" option to log in"
"That users can delete files"
>> It can be controlled by user roles but maybe you want something else?

"That the files are previsualized"
>> There's a preview option but that's not mandatory

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When the user accesses the web:
(see this, attached screenshot) and he would have to log in to see his files.

I need a login on this screen so that the user has easy access.

How can you put a "Login" (user + password)?
My users will always work in the frontend.

Thank you
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In the same way that users can upload files, it is necessary, that they can delete them (with permissions).

As I said, my users will never have access to the backoffice.
My users will always work in the frontend.
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How can I do it to preview the file, by default, without having to press the "preview" button?
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To manage files, not only upload files, you need to have a WordPress account that brings you the file manager with the admin WordPress UX.
We have the project to

The preview button is an option it cannot be forced by default, it can only be activated and disabled by file type.

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