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  2. Feature ideas for WP File Download
  3. Saturday, May 21 2016
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Great plugin and works pretty much as expected. I want to request 2 features that can greatly enhance the usability of this plugin.

1. Ability to add custom columns in the table listing

2. Option to include a detail download page for individual files. This feature is quite common in other premium download plugins
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Thanks for your feedback.
About the first one it seems pretty "complex" as we need to add custom fields and handle that in all the views (search engine, cloud connector...). Though I'll note the idea.
About the second point, you mean the possibility to redirect the user to a page before he downloads the file, right?

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Yes, an automatically generated details page for each file displaying all the data already associated with a file in a vertical column along with the download button. This can help us increase pageviews, show ads and allow the users to comment on that page and rate the downloads.
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Thanks for this details. We have planned to add a social locker feature for the files and that would definitively an interesting option.

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