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  3. Thursday, April 28 2016
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The following ideas were triggered by an issue with finding the location of files. It was quite difficult to locate files when you have too many categories already:

  • Show full file path of files. Right now it's only displaying the direct parent category. It can be set to change that in the Configuration in Dashboard. AND/OR,
  • Ability to search not just files but also the categories. If the first idea isn't feasible, then atleast, there should be a way to search categories too. So that users can have a workaround to track where the file is located. AND/OR,
  • In the Filter section, add a filter functionality in the Category dropdown to be able to easily search for specific categories. Also, upon searching it should be able to trace the location of the Category from the tree structure.

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Thanks again for your ideas, I'll would like to add something that help regarding that in our roadmap.

Show full file path of files

You mean on admin side?
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Just for clarification what I mean by full path is something like a breadcrumbs for the file. RIght now, when you use the search feature in the frontend, you'll see the direct parent category of a file in the search results table. What i'd like to have is to show the breadcrumbs aka "full path" (can be configurable) so that it could be helpful for finding the file location in cases when there are multiple levels of categories.

I previously requested to have a search feature in the admin side but I think this is also necessary for the frontend as not all users will be able to have access on the admin dashboard.

Thank you.
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OK thanks for the clarification, I'll note that.
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