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  3. Tuesday, February 09 2021
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By default, WP File Download is giving a title to each file uploaded without the file extension. For example if I upload Myfile.zip, the title of the file in the back end is "Myfile" (without the .zip). So when files are inserted throughout the site (in my case in a product tab in WooCommerce) they appear with their title and not their filename. Even with related file icon beside it, it is creating confusion as to whether or not it is a file to download or some sort of link to another page. In my case it would make much more sense if the file title was the same as the filename.

You might say, why don't you manually add the file extension? I can do this (change the title Myfile to Myfile.zip) and the file appears just the way I want it on the back and front end. However, once downloaded, it downloads as Myfile.zip.zip

Ideally, adding another handy option, "Retain File Extension in Title" would be incredibly helpful.
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Thanks for the suggestion I get the point.

You might say, why don't you manually add the file extension?

Currently, that's the best trick to use, for example "My-file (.zip)"

It is noted in our feature request list!

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