Friday, September 23 2022
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If you have a huge amount of items for download (in our case 500 PDF-files) the backend starts to be getting slow and if you have a slow computer the backend is not possible to work with. It would be better to split the view in backend in a defined number of views of files at once like in frontend. With pages the plugin will not load all 500 files at once.
We can not organice in different categories because our downloads are in one category as the main cat and than in addition in subcats.

The work of the browser client and server is going to overload ram and capacity of the system also on a high power machine for video editing.

This moment the plugin is not able to manage a huge amount of files without having problems.

It would be easy to implement this feature because you have this on frontend and so it would be helpful for everyone with lots of files.

I understand the problem as the file listing require both server and browser resources.
We'll plan that for the next major version as it's an important issue that prevent the plugin to be used properly in this case.

This will be added as a global setting you'll have to activate.

4 months ago
Sounds cool. Thank you very much :-)

cheers Reinhard
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