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  3. Friday, 07 June 2019
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Can we please have this feature implemented earlier, ill make the purchase right away.

-Sync with server folder - Auto-sync, set a timer or schedule.
-Can sync specific folders to categories = e.g sports folder to sports category.
-can then create a shortcode for that category, use it in a post/page to display downloads, URL masks physical location.
-restrict access to it.
- on resync, files removed from the physical folder are removed from the category/download list, new ones are added.

currently, the https://wpfilebase.com/ product supports this but would be great if this product did so i can switch over.

If you need a client as a test, happy to help.


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Thanks for adding your feature request here.
-Sync with server folder - Auto-sync, set a timer or schedule.

This is something we have planned for a future major release: version 5.0 (we are currently in version 4.5.4).

Though it’s hard to give a precise date on new features release for various reasons.
It mainly depends on the development roadmap we've defined for the developer and problems we may encounter during this period :)

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