Friday, December 28 2012
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I think that will be great that SEO Glossary users can have a Xmap pluggin to create our sitemap.xml files thought Xmap Component from

With this, Our SEO Glossaries will have more SEO features and capabilities to grow our projects.

Many thanks for this great component. :)

PD: I attached an example of pluggin for Mosets Tree component.
7 years ago
Hi again,
finally I found a solution for JSitemap. You´ll find a picture of the Settings attached. So it is possible to choose a data source "user" in JSitemap instead of Content or Menu; the entries look like in the picture. Hope it helps someone. For me thats solved.
7 years ago
OSmap is a fork of XMap . So, I guess minor changes in Xmap plugin would make it compatible with OSmap.
7 years ago
according to our knowledge jsitemap has compatibility with seoglossary
if its not working please create support ticket to jsitemap and if there is an issue please put a support ticket to us with jsitemap extesion attaced so we will help to sort the issues.
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