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I would be interested in SEO Glossary, but I need a command to link generic words (not included in the glossary but logically linked to specific terms) to glossary terms.
SEO Glossary can already manage synonyms, but there are cases in which a generic term, even if not directly related to glossary terms, should be shown in the article but linked to a specific glossary term. It would be interesting to have a SEO Glossary command to link a word to a specific term directly in the article. Have you consider such an improvement?

Thanks for your feedback.
This is quite complex and specific. What is the difference with making a manual link from the article?

7 years ago
Hi Tristan,
Using a manual link you can not have a popup, that is user friendly because you remain in the article while you're reading the term description.

The problem arises when you have words with different meanings: if I have in the same article two occurences of the same word (leaves) with different meanings (leaves as leaves of the trees; the third person of the verb leave), how can I activate popups with two different descriptions? If I had a command like {seog_replace}leaves:leaves_tree{/seog_replace} (for showing "leaves" and linking the glossary term "leaves_tree") and {seog_replace}leaves:leaves_verb{/seog_replace} (for showing "leaves" and linking the glossary term "leaves_verb"), it would be very useful.

I hope it will be not too complex to develop. What do you think about it?
7 years ago
hi marco,
i am the developer of seo glossary.
to overcome these things we have done 2 major things in seoglossary already
1.You can set the ordering of the glossary for example if yopu set leaves and leaves_tree as 2 words in glossary and if leave is set at first order in ordering of joomla it will take that in precedance.
2.still if user want us to show leaves_tree as precedance when leaves is at top the you can use tag {seog_enable}leaves_tree{/seog_enable} so it will take this on precedance.
these 2 option cover most of the things in seo glossary and i dont know if normal user able to use seog_replace at all.
7 years ago
Hi Guanio.
What you suggest is slightly different from what I am asking for. The focal issue is to maintain a generic term shown in the article (e.g.: leaves) while linking (as glossary tooltip) to specific glossary terms (e.g.: leaves_tree or leaves_verb).
The command tag {seog_enable}leaves_tree{/seog_enable} shows leaves_tree in the article.
Many glossaries in other CMS provide such a re-link tag and I think it could be very useful: that is why I suggested it.
7 years ago
hi Marco,
Thank you very much for introducing new feature.i have added to my to do list and will update soon.
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