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One functional aspect currently missing for me is to be able to configure a relationship between a glossary and a category-tree.

So that i can define one glossary implemented on all articles under one category tree. And another glossary implemented on another category tree.

On top of that an article-by-article override:
{seog: use,glossaryname1,glossaryname2}
so i can set a specific glossaries to be used on a specific article.

The first would be nice, in its absense i really need the second. Can you give me an idea when these might be implemented, (if ever) ? If it's not in the near future i will consider a custom version implementing the article override.


Thanks for your feedback.

This can be interesting to map the glossaries with categories but quite complicated for most of the users. We only have implemented the possibility to disable the glossary in each article witch seems to fit most of the need, I'm really sorry. But we'll keep this idea in mind and see if someone need it also.

Hope to see you soon here.
8 years ago
You may be underestimating your users.

To illustrate this suggestion with an example:
On my site there will be a tutorial on Java programming, one on mysql databases and one about sportsbetting. And various other content in the form of individual articles forming a blog.

I want a glossary for the sportsbetting tutorial and one for the Java and one for the mysql tutorial. But i do not want terms for one to be visible/used in the other. I want each tutorial to have its own glossary applicable to its own group of articles only.

This is in line with the intention of a CMS system like Joomla where information is categorised. Articles for each tutorial are collected in a category.

When a person reads the Java tutorial then the word "Double" should come up as:
"double: The double data type is a double-precision 64-bit IEEE 754 floating point"

When a person reads the MySQL tutorial then the word "Double" should come up as:
"MySQL treats DOUBLE as a synonym for DOUBLE PRECISION (a nonstandard extension)"

When a person reads the Sportsbetting tutorial the word "Double" should come up as:
"Two individual bets combines into one bet, both need to win for the double to be a winner"

as the word has a different meaning depending on the context.

Maybe an extreem example but it does illustrate the need for the ability for glossaries to follow article categories.

I rest my case :-)
This feature is very important for a glossary component.
Can we expect it to be implemented on a next release soon ?
The free plugin CDglossary can do it (filter glossary on specifics categories only).
It will be very nice if Seo Glossary do the same.

8 years ago
I would also appreciate the possibility to link a glossary to a category tree.
Of course this should be optionally ... then I don't think users will be confused about that.
Some entries in my glossaries have completely different meanings in different categories.

Kind regards
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