Monday, October 08 2018
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Using tables for a glossary is not XML compliant. Why is the definition list tags not used (dl, dt, dd)?

Under "Options" I find different Glossary themes. If I change the selection, it doesn't change the appearance on the pages.
3 years ago
The correct HTML tags for building glossaries are described here (DL,DT,DD):
3 years ago
Thank you for your suggestion.we have div and table structure already on seo glossary pages.
you can do template override and change the layout to dd dt and dl.
these are template specific properties so very hard to manage for each and every template.
please create a ticket support we will check the possibilities and update you on this.
3 years ago
Thank you for reply.
Of course I can make a override by modifying the templates/TEMPLATE/html/com_seoglossary/glossaries/default.php. But why I can't add a new one like DL - for selecting in the theme option? There is only the default.php. It would be better, if there exist a default.php, table.php, masonry-grid.php ... one separete file for each theme, like other components make it too. Then I can add a new one very simple without overriding and select it in the theme option. This would be nice to have.
3 years ago
I have build a override script from glossary/default.php
There I split the "responsive"-Theme to a new elseif-twig. It would be nice if you can create a new theme option like "definition list", than you $this->glossarytheme=="responsive" can remove from line 352.
Here you can see a working sample:
3 years ago
Thank you for your kind code.
I will check and integrate it.
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