Tuesday, June 26 2012
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about 20% of my difinitions are not been shown because of the case sensivity of seo glossary.
So I have to add every term twice: the first letter of every entry in lowercase and uppercase. This looks nonprofessional.

The case sensivity is a key-feature and very important for the glossary.

Thank you!
Regards, Hamza
10 years ago
Hi Hamza,

thanks for your interest in SEO Glossary.
We had this questioning about case sensitivity during the component creation and it appear that words can be very different in some languages with a simple uppercase. That's why we have choose this solution.

It would be interesting to have a parameter to disable the sensitivity, you're right.

6 years ago

It is not case sensitive for me. How do I make it case sensitive?
"WHO" is a term in my glossary but it also highlights "who". I do not want it to highlight "who" only "WHO".

Thank you.
6 years ago
Thank you for your suggestion.but are you sure glssary are working like this?
you can create a ticket in support and i will check what i can do for it.
6 years ago
Yes it is. I will. Thanks.
6 years ago
hi hamza,
as we already mentioned in ticket but here i would like to mention that so that if anyone else require for same thing here are the steps:-
you can go to seoglossary configuration.there you click on advance.there we have used regular expression in

Advanced: Content detection regex seoglossary configuration.


THis is what is used to recognise the word.

at the end there is i which we have used for insensitivity.so you can remove that so this syntax become.


that will help you to create things insensitive.
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