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  3. Friday, April 26 2019
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Hello, I am using linky map and it looks good and works well. I was using Geocode Factory 5 with the Mosets gateway to show all my geo-coded listings on a map, or multiple maps as I have 250k listings in 50 states here in the USA. The owner sold the company and the component is not being developed and Hello maps doesn't work so I am left without a mapping component that integrates with the new Mosets Tree. Since I am using Linky map and My Maps has other 3rd party integrations is it possible to hire your team to create a Mosets tree plugin for My Maps? You have Community Builder, Jomsocial and Hikashop but no directory component. Mosets Tree recently underwent a complete rewrite and Lee is developing for Joomla 4 also. Look forward to your reply. Thanks
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
is it possible to hire your team to create a Mosets tree plugin for My Maps? Y

I'm sorry, we don't provide any custom dev service. You should contact to our partner to solve your request:

Hope it helps!
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we expect that its moset tree that is saving latitude and longitude.
we have added com_custom in our extension.so in menu manager you need to select custom component.
We added unique concept of helper override so you can overwrite our helper in your template.there are 2 function in it
//in this you can write your sql query
in this you can add hyperlink.
if you have good expertise in extension you can do it easily using these 2 functions.
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