Thursday, September 17 2020
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Any plans to add HERE maps? It appears to be cheaper and we have a huge site.
1 year ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

Any plans to add HERE maps? It appears to be cheaper and we have a huge site.

Our extension is integrated with free map services, e.g: OpenStreetMap and Mapquest.
At present, we do not have any plans to implement this feature which you are the first person request.
We need to discuss more about its popularity and usability. Anyways, we noted it in our planning area.

P.S: I moved this ticket to the Feature request category.

Thanks a lot!
1 year ago
i check the map can be implemented through open street map layer.
whats that feature in here map that you like us to implement specifically. so we can check and update you on this.
1 year ago
I appreciate your super fast response! We have not decided anything yet. I am exploring ideas/options for replacement of Google Maps, Routing and Places API. We run a pretty popular and large Joomla site and the store finder used on the site is a custom Google implementation. We have 85 showrooms in 2 countries and we also have a "shop-at-home" service and are trying to determine how to add this layer to our project. I recommended to my boss to try out your extension since it is a Joomla native extension. It will save us a lot of time and effort since you already did all the heavy lifting.. We can start with Mapbox, but I was exploring other options and a friend just used HERE on a project and said it was great. It is relatively new but I see it along with Tom Tom recommended a lot.

So we are trying to find a replacement for our custom Google implementation that allows us all the same capabilities we have now PLUS the shop at home/service area layer and does not use Google. Switching to Mapbox will save the company a lot of money and accomplish the same goal.
1 year ago
Does anyone have a good comaparison model for all the different map api options? I saw something that said Mapbox was $0.50 per 1000 and Google is $7 per thousand views after the free amount has been used. Turns out Mapbox is $5 (according to their website), not $0.50 so it is cheaper than google, but according to the comparison image attached HERE is is WAY cheaper.
1 year ago
I did a bit of research to build a comparison for my boss. Here is what I cam up with. Hope it helps others out.

Mapbox and Mapquest are cheaper than Google, but Bing, HERE and Tom Tom appear to be considerably cheaper.

Example of 400,000 calls per month:

Google already built into extension)
28,000 free then $7 per 1,000.
$2,604 per month

Mapbox (already built into extension)
50,000 per month free then a sliding scale.
$1,250 per month

Mapquest (already built in to extension)
15,000 free then a tier system. Up to 500,000
$799 per month

Bing Maps (already built in to extension)
125,000 per YEAR so only 4,167 per month, then half a cent to 1.5 cents per transaction based on volume. I used $0.01 for this calculation.
$399 per month

Tom Tom
75,000 per month free, then $0.48 per 1,000
$156 per month

250,000 per month free, then $1 per thousand
$150 per month
Here has a pro level that is $449 per month and allows 1 million transactions per month plus extras.
1 year ago
Thank you so much for detailed feedback.we also included open street map from leaflet.this is open source map and working good on numerous client perfectly.
for now we support good amount of mapbox.
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