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It's hard to use your component If you have hundreds of items to add and maintein...
6 years ago
we gave support of batch geocode using sync button and option to use csv import and export and kml import and export.
Hi there,
I downloaded the locations CSV file you provided on this forum. I am not sure what some of the columns are for, for instance, columns W, Y, and Z. If I purchase the extension, and want to use the mass import feature, do I have to fill all those columns out? My client is needing a quick turnaround on this, and they have 2000 locations, so I am looking for a solution with a good import feature.

Thank you in advance for your help!
6 years ago
there is no need to put all the data in csv.just we expect you can fill proper address and name of location.if you dont want to break address in city country state as well you can put directly to address.
i have currently migrated 2800 location of one of my client without any issue.
6 years ago
I try to get the mass import to work on my website but I keep getting the same error every time i hit the "import" button : ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_TOO_BIG

I am currently running Joomla 3 on a localhost server and use the latest version of my maps location component.
I need to make some changes on some of my locations and import the csv, modify the columns on Excel and then save the file in .csv format. But when I try to import back the file to my maps locations, I get the error.

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you in advance
6 years ago
Also, I tryed to import your test csv file that I got from here :

... and there is another error : see attached screenshot

1054 Unknown column 'metakey' in 'field list' SQL=INSERT INTO `eu5ji_mymaplocations_location` (`name`,`logo`,`icon`,`address`,`town`,`locationstate`,`country`,`postal`,`latitude`,`longitude`,`description`,`metakey`,`metadesc`,`contactlink`,`hours`,`phone`,`language`) VALUES ('tinku home','images/joomla_logo_black.jpg','',' Madhya Pradesh State Highway 22','Nandner','Madhya Pradesh','India','487551','22.888978','78.707938','
this is my test image for editor
','','','','','','*'),('Laurenceville','','images/icons/icon-blue-24-7.png','166 East Crogan Street','Lawrenceville','Géorgie','États-Unis','30046','33.956215','-83.987962','','','','','','','*'),('Los Rancheros Mexican Restaurant','','','2090 Dunwoody Club Drive','Atlanta','Georgia','United States','30350','33.960522','-84.300962','','','','','','','*'),('Joe\'s Crab Shack','images/headers/blue-flower.jpg','','1590 Pleasant Hill Road','Duluth','Georgia','United States','30096','33.944555','-84.123507','','','','','','0731242678','*'),('Enchanted Rainforest Golf & Rec. Center','','','5500 Bermuda Road Southwest','Stone Mountain','Georgia','United States','30087','33.820943','-84.119294','','','','','','','*')

Thanks for contacting us here. I'm sorry this forum is only for pre-sale question.
Could you continue this post on the ticket system, the developer will take a look at that.

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