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  3. Wednesday, 27 November 2019
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There are many crowdfunding extensions out there for joomla, none of them have a map.

It would be great to show the current amount and total amount of the donation within a tile below the marker(Airbnb style)

Imagine how this could benefit local associations.

Just a suggestion of course ;)
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Thank you so much for your kind query.
you can use com_custom extension and there you can add sql query.and in link you an give crowfunding link.
the only mandatory thing you need to do is that extension must have latitude longitude.
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Yes, I see com_custom in the dropdown menu of the mymap menu item but no other options.
What are the path of the files to modifies or sql tables ?

I see that since version 4.1.5 : there is the Additional sql query framework to support custom sql and url
However I cannot find any documentation on how to use this.

Kind regards,
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You need to click helper override.in custom sql you need to identify the field and create mysql query.
in geturllink you need to add the link to extension.this 2 way it will show the map.
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