Wednesday, May 24 2017
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Hi, the map has beautiful features. Is it possible to link with a Joomla menu and the map marker.

Like I've dropdown menu like : New York, Florida. Now I need to highlighted from the map the position New York when I will hover on New York Menu.

I attached a screen shot for better understand. Please, let me know is it possible with the extensions. If no then what will be the customization charge.
4 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here.
Is it possible to link with a Joomla menu and the map marker.

No, it is impossible now, we’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

Thanks a lot!
4 years ago
Can customization possible now and what will be the charge.
4 years ago
This can be done through javascript.
please create a support ticket with ftp and joomla super admin and i will see what i can do in it.
4 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

It was pre-sale question. So, If I buy, you will add menu item link functionality. Is it right.

Thanks in advance.
4 years ago
I can just give a try,
But i need working script or any demo where it is working in that way.
you can provide me joomla super admin and password in your ticket support if you willing to purchase.
also you can check other extension if someone is already doing that then go for that.
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