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  Sunday, March 26 2017
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I just bought item rating (seriously, you guys seem to be the only one available for Joomla!) but I'd hope to see in the future a way to position the module in a more granular position. For example, right now it's dead at the bottom of the page, right after Disqus, which makes it useless to me. I'd like to have a way to position it between the end of the article and Disqus.
7 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Could you please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support), our developer in charge will take a look at that.

7 years ago
Hi megami
Also I feel there is ordering of plugin in Joomla you can put order of our plugin at top in ordering
7 years ago
Great extension! I love it.
But i feel the same like the topic writer.
The Rating direct under the content picture (Introduction picture), thats should be nice! :)

If you have an author box and social media active in a article, the rating get "under" by the position option "bottom".
See the Screenshot:
7 years ago
please create a ticket in ticket support with joomla super admin and password and i will try to put that position in plugin for you.
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