Friday, August 22 2014
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This looks very nice. What would be really cool is a possibility to fill a table with database queries. And then, let me add data in the frontend and run a query on that data on submission. Could replace fabrik in many cases ...
more than a month ago

Thanks for your feedback.
Yeah you're right, we've planned to do that and have a xls/csv inmport too.

more than a month ago
Great. I'm looking forward to it!
more than a month ago
Hi Tristan,

can you tell me from when the function with the database query will be available?
Otherwise I have to buy Table JX

Kind regards
more than a month ago
This is also a deal breaker for me, if it had at least mySQL support, I will get it immediately.

At this stage I dont need to edit, just need to use queries to populate the droptable.

Does it also have content plugin support, ie: can display tables in articles?

Can you urgently give me an ETA on this please.

more than a month ago

i'm sorry, we haven't planned to SQL queries tio tables shortly.

The next addition for the table management in the upcoming weeks will be:
- Lines/columns size definition
- WYSIWYG editor per cell
- Image button
- Excel import/export tool

more than a month ago
Ok, thanks,

Do you have a backend login demo, or some form of documentation where I can see how the plugin works..... I can probably get around this by using a PHP source plugin to generate the html or xml data and injecting into the structure...

Will this work?

Or can you only use your component exclusively by config in the backend?

more than a month ago

You can fill manually the database, our main columns are :

category as a Joomla category id
datas as a json multidim array
table style as a json object
css as just css or scss
hash as a unique identifier for the stylesheet generation

So if you know Joomla, php and json and a you have minimum time to understand how it works should be able to do what you want.

Best regards.

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