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  2. Feature ideas for Droptables
  3. Tuesday, July 11 2017
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It's the age of blockchains today. How about integration of Droptables with Multichain, Bitcoin and/or Ethereum?

In my view, Multichain blockchain is more preferable since it allows all of us to independently build any possible apps.

If Droptables could retrieve some data from Multichain blockchains, that would be fantastic.

Be the first team who has implemented real interaction between Joomla! CMS and blockchains!
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Yes indeed blockchain is a very interesting technology.
What integration have you in mind regarding Droptables?

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  2. Feature ideas for Droptables
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Hi Tristan!

Well, for instance, Droptables could have sync function in relation to Multichain blockchains to retrieve current results of operations (transactions) on those blockchains. By the way, Multichain technology now allows to transfer not only e-currencies but also any kind of information. So Droptables could let users create dynamic blockchain tables. That would be really innovative to Joomla CMS. Besides, it is absolutely feasible. Today we can see the sync function implemented on different websites dedicated to various e-currencies. Hence, I see a very good future for Droptables.
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  2. Feature ideas for Droptables
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