Tuesday, July 23 2013
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I know Polaroid layout is supposed to be jazzy but now and again the polaroid layout looks better if there is no rotation applied to the images in the gallery.

On Rel 2.0 can we have an option to "Not rotate"?

Furthermore, if a title (or description) is associated with a Polaroid image, can we ensure the text wraps within the container? At the moment with 1.2, if I have a Polaroid has a long Title, the title extends the container rather than being constrained by it.

Currently I guess I could achieve this with

#droppicsgallery1.droppicsgallerypolaroid .wimg { 
margin: 10px;
transform: rotate(0deg) !important;
width: 220px !important;
word-wrap: break-word!important;

Note I had to set the image width.

Hope you can do this!


Hi Chris,

Nice idea, will note that for the next theme version.

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