Tuesday, July 23 2013
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I know there's a slideshow theme, but most of my clients prefer thumbnail galleries that open in a lightbox/modal window. Droppics has some great thumbnail gallery themes, but they're missing an essential feature - a play/pause button so the user doesn't have to keep clicking "next... next..."

Here are a few example galleries with the behaviour I'm describing:

All have the following characteristics:

  • Small thumbnails are displayed
  • Clicking a thumbnail reveals a larger one in a lightbox
  • There are previous/next buttons, but ALSO play/pause buttons

This last feature (play/pause) means the user can focus on the images instead of moving their mouse around to find the "next" button, which moves depending on the size of the image - see attached (unless of course you make all the images the same size, which often a client won't want to do. Usually they're a mix of horizontal, square, and vertical images.) Even if the next button was in the same area each time, the user still has to consciously click "next... next... next...". Some users will want to do this, so they can take a long time on some image.

Hopefully this can be implemented in an upcoming version, with the ability to set the delay time between images.

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