Wednesday, July 15 2015
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Hi, I have many photos in Droppics gallery using Polaroid theme, it would be useful if we had something like pagination option added to this theme. They take up much space, it would be great to view for example 6 photos and click on number "2" to view 6 more photos, and so on. I think it would be useful in the other themes - what do You think ?
Radek, Poland

We've actually choose to implement the progressive loading when the image list is too important (there's some options available in the global configuration of Droppics). This is how social networks are displaying photo album currently.
You can also with sub galleries if you want to display your images on a separated view.

6 years ago
Hi, thanks for reply, what global configuration options of Droppics do You think will help with this result ? And of course I can still use subgalleries but it doesn't look good with this theme
Radek, Poland
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