Sunday, May 19 2013
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Hello everyone,
I'm pretty new to droppics, but already enjoying it.
I was invited by the dev to post this request here, so here it is :
Droppics uses numbers as directory names and rename pics to something pretty obvious for any (stupid) robot. It may gladly improve results, rank and visibility of the whole site in google and elsewhere if the path to images would be :

instead of something like :

I was told that if many users ask for this improvement in here, it may be implemented in future release... so feel free to ask :-)
bless up,

Thanks a lot, we'll add this feature to our list and review it in time for droppics 2.0.

See you around !
9 years ago
Hi all!


I was about to post the exact same request actually.
Glad that someone did it before me.

I'm really all for it!
Let's pray now ;-)

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