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  Monday, September 28 2015
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Hi there,

I've just installed the free version of DropEditor along with the lite versions of Droppics and Dropimages. I've switched the default editor in global config to DropEditor and it's working great- thanks!

One thing I don't understand though- when I go to insert an image, the pop up that appears is empty with the note "drop images here to upload or use the button below [select images]". I need to pull in all of the files that used to appear when you clicked insert image from the JCE Editor (it doesn't matter if the layout is different - in fact I hope it is!) i.e. from the file path root/images.

Is it possible to migrate images across so they appear and can be managed through the new editor? Hoping for an easy solution! :)


Yes Droppics is quite different from JCE image manager, image are indexed in the database, so it allows advanced actions to be performed.
In the global configuration of Droppics you'll find an option to enable an importer. Then you'll be able to import existing images classified in server folder into Droppics categories.

8 years ago
Hi Tristan,

Thank you for your help. I've switched 'show images import' to YES and now see all my images down the side of Droppics. I've selected all and hit Import but nothing happens. Any ideas?

I tried the same for Dropfiles (switching 'show files import' to YES, selecting all and hitting Import) and this has worked... however I can now see the very top level of the site's file structure - not what I wanted! Is there a way to undo that do I can ensure I only import the relevant files? I see there's a trash icon but I'm not sure whether this will simply remove the files from Dropfiles or delete them entirely from the site (which would of course break it).. probably a silly question but please can you confirm?!

Thanks, Sophie
Hi Sophie,

For the Droppics importer problem I don't know where it can comes from. If you have a membership, please drop us a ticket for support. We only handle pre-sales request here ;)

About Dropfiles yes it will remove only the file imported in Dropfiles not all the versions of the files of course. The importer have created a copy of your files.

8 years ago
Thanks Tristan!

I will follow up with a post via the ticking system (didn't realise there was different support forums!)

Ta, Sophie
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