Thursday, February 05 2015
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hello guys, i got many galleries which i use. one gallery per article at begining. Sometimes i want to use single photo in the end of article and i cant do this, yes i can put in single photo but it will be also on begining [duplicate].

so i have gallery 20 images... i want want in the end, i cant do that cause i will duplicate, if i would have a option to hide photo in gallery i could hide, and put in the end single photo.

i hope you understand me ;)

Sorry I've read twice and I can't understand ;)
You want to be able to duplicate image in different categories?

6 years ago
ohi so once more mate,
here are many photos from one gallery.
i would like to use photo on the end with droppics single photo input. But then i dont wanna to show it on article begining, so i would like to hide this photo for displaying :)
everybody catch now ?:D


and btw if someone would make such a template to droppics for me i can pay all 15$ for dinner :D
to show photos with descriptions below each other :P
OK got it! :) if a single image is on the page, don't add it in the global gallery.
Indeed it's not possible currently, a solution would be be to select multiple images with CTRL and insert image selection.

We'll take a look if it's possible.

6 years ago
yea but i will have around 1300 galleries and more, and putting to one gallery single photos would just make this gallery unusable... i need to have many folders with names of creatures;)
6 years ago
woukd i have then again to choose photos if i add one to gallery ? in my sollution if i just hide with button, i needent for example to edit article, i just put in droppics new photo to folder which is connected with article and its working hmm
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