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  Thursday, June 20 2013
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Hi Team!

Like all others, and as you know it already: I love Droppics.

But there's a big 'BUT'...

While Droppics is fantastic for all of us using the backend to set-up galleries (easy, clean, fast), Droppics forgets to do something absolutely fundamental for our 'real' website visitors: :D HOVER EFFECT :D

Droppics fails to to treat our visitors the way they should be.

In the end,
it's all about the visitors
, isn't it?

They need to find the website we're working on clean, cool, handy. They need our pictures to react when they make the effort to go on top of them. They need to understand instantly that they can click on them.

And nowdays, the cursor changing of shape is wayyyy not enough! Droppics deserves a small zoom effect, at least. Like all modern cool galleries. People will play with it. And will definitively know that they can click on those pictures. And will probably do it.

Feedback to action is key. Hover effect is amongst us, on html link notably, since beginning of the Net. The whole internet users rely on visual feedbacks to navigate since... for ever.

Let's not let Droppics looking like a dead thing on our screens.
Let's have Droppics shine in the front-end for our visitors, as much as it does in the backend !!

And if possilble, in the mid-term, configurable ones (zoom type, shading, title appearance...)

Many thanks to Droppics team in advance ;-)

And many thanks for you, 'Readers' who will support the idea (will help to make this higer in priority list).
Just comment this post, with additional ideas / comments too!

Cheers to all,

10 years ago
Hey dear reader!!

It is nice of you to read that post.

But it would be much nicer to post yourself a 'Yes we need hover effect' sort of reply / comment here!!
Easy to do, and effective: our beloved dev team really takes into account the number of people supporting a post! (even if I think it is not really representative in the end...).

Please, support my request if you think a hover effect will really change the coolness of Droppics gallery, turning them in modern ones. For the sake of a lively Droppics, post something here ;-)

Cheers to all,
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