Monday, May 15 2017
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Ramon told me to ask here, so i ask here :)
I search the forum but i didn't found the answer i'd like to get.
In Droppics, is there a way to create "automatic gallery" from a folder in Google Drive (or in Dropbox).
My goal is quite "simple" : i have a folder in (in example) Google Drive (not Google Photo : i want to be able to order my folders). In this folder, i have sub folders and in each folder, i put images.
I would like to call galleries by showing my "root" gallery.
The goal is then to have something very usefull for some people who want this : they are with their phones, shooting some pictures, the phone upload the images and automatically, the image appears on their site in the right gallery (so, folder).
This is something asked to me very often and for now, i have no answer for them...

So, is this possible with Droppics ?
Thanks for the response,
Xavier - aka Chabi01 on
5 years ago
Yes indeed, that would be a very nice & useful feature : Dropfiles already has bridges allowing to show files from Google Drive.
Why not generalising this to Droppics.
We would then have a killer extension to show images in a very very simple & efficient way.


5 years ago
And to complete this, we have (at least !!) a component fully productive as :
- a person take a photo on his phone,
- the phone upload this on his/her dropbox or google drive
- the site is actualised automatically !
Try to imagine how many people are waiting for this as this is :
- incredibly simple for end users
- more than efficient for people who make live galleries for events
- full wide customers target as quite almost all people with an android phone have dropbox and / or google drive

Please think about it...
5 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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