Friday, September 06 2013
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Well, I like the plugin but for a "downloadtool" there are some essential missing features:

1. It must be possible to edit the "date" of upload of a file
2. It must be possible to drag`n drop files from one to another category
3. It must be possible to sort the files in the backend of "date of creation"
4. The themeoptions are sometimes a little bit buggy. Things which are shut off in Backend (e.g. Hits) are still showing in the frontend
5. The columns switcher in the Frontend should be detachable in the backend

With this new features dropfiles would be useful also for my professional customers with large number of files. Right now its just like a toy for small website and I cannot recommend it for my customers. There are much more functionalites in competitors products.

Thanks for your feedback.

1. Yes! added
2. We'll have a look regarding the complexity behind ;)
3. Filter already in feature list, thanks.
4. Please post a ticket!
5. You mean choose column in backend?

Yes you're right Dropfiles is built to give to final user the main features to keep it easy to use and not give all the features (with is in fact, impossible).

See you and thanks !
8 years ago
With point 5 I mean, that there is a columnswitcher in the table template in the frontend. It would be great if its possible to switch that off.

Additional to point 2 . it should be possible to put a file in different categories without uploading it several times.

So keep on working :)
OK got it! thanks!
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