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  2. Feature ideas for Dropfiles
  3. Tuesday, October 22 2019
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It would be helpful to have the following option: Assign a user joomla group or access level per category with the permission to manage files in this category.
Currently it is only possible to select a joomla group or access level to have acces to the files in the frontend.
Everyone with access to the administration can edit all files in all categories, personal categories can only be managed by one user (the owner).

In pages with different Areas and multiple groups this is not helpful. We are working in one Joomla with several departments having their own areas in the page.
From data protection perspective the access right and the management right have to be assignable per category. Right now we cannot use Dropfiles anymore due to data protection laws.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here.

Yes, that seems not possible currently. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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