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  3. Wednesday, December 12 2018
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I share these lacks that I reported with your support and I would like to find in a future Dropfiles release…?

#1 A pagination would be appreciated for Default and GDD themes
Have you tried to display 100 files on the same page? ... it's already annoying on desktop screen, I can't imagine on smartphone.

#2 Dropfiles gives the ability to load files from the server with "Import" button. If I import these files they will be present in two places: in my folder on the server and copied also in Dropfiles folder ( /media/com_dropfiles/ ) … this is a nonsense and increases the weight of files on the server, worse, files copied into Dropfiles are numbered folders and files are renamed with a series of numbers and letters :(
Please give the opportunity to choose your own folder and keep the hierarchy of files as desired.

#3 Please add Shift + Click (on Mac) to select multiple files at once.

#4 A direct link of file sharing is available in the back-end, why not make it available also in frontend (right click on the download button is not visible/comprehensible enough)

Honestly I don’t think I will have bought your component if I had known about these lacks… sorry for that.


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Thanks for adding your feature request here.
We will note your ideas to make our Dropfiles better in the future.

Thanks a lot!
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