Monday, July 20 2015
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I use a similar plugin for wordpress, but it offers the ability to drag and drop files into the front side site container. It uses the current user's google drive permissions or administrative settings that can allow anyone, administrators, specific groups, or noone to upload from the front interface. I understand that once an article is opened for editing, any user with permissions can click the "DropFiles" button and drag a file in the resulting window, but the plugin I'm referring allows users with the needed permissions (either through wordpress and/or through google drive) to upload from the public view of the article. If you guys could figure out how to do this, it would be fantastic. If it is helpful, this is a link to the product I'm referring to.
more than a month ago
Many of the users are not available to use the option for the drag and the drop that you can also know the entire process from the help of the Google Drive Support for the requirement to understand the entire process to maintain the following process.
more than a month ago
Hi wfadmin,

Thanks for adding your feature request here.
We have that feature for Menu item currently. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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