1. mlouvel
  2. Feature ideas for Dropfiles
  3. Thursday, November 21 2013
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I am a new user of dopfiles and I already have a few suggestions for new features.

File versioning :

1/ It would be great to have the option on admin side, an option that you can turn on if needed.
2/ Versioning on admin side, for each file you could see a list of all versions available and have the possibility to delete and set a version of a file as the version to display.

Upload frontend :

1/ That would be excellent to include the possibility for a user with specific rights to upload a new file and/or update an existing file via a clear and simple formular.

My last suggestion was about being able to set up a theme on a specific category but this has been already asked.

Thanks for taking these ideas in consideration for future developpments.
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